It's not too late...

Antiracism, Skillshare course, and more

Hi guys,

It’s been a little while since I last sent out a newsletter—I’ve been reading a ton and working on a bunch of new projects I’m excited to share, but I felt it was time to give another crack at this. As always, very open to hear your feedback—enjoy.

Content I’ve Created:

What I’m Reading:

  • The solo marathon (1 Min) by Seth Godin - In such a short amount of time, Godin beautifully depicts a simple yet critical aspect of success and happiness: running life’s marathons when no one’s looking.

  • The Lesson to Unlearn (26 min) by Paul Graham - This is an article a friend sent me a while back about how many of us are so programmed to try to “hack” our ways to the solutions of questions like “How do I get an A in this class?” or “How do I find investors for this startup?” by looking for the shortcuts. Graham notes that many of life’s tests, however, are unhackable and that we need to lose our tendency to seek out hacks.

Awesome Quote:

Stop valuing yourself for being good at something and start valuing yourself for being willing to learn - Tom Bilyeu

Bilyeau (and myself) are huge advocates of the Growth Mindset. To embody the infinite game of lifelong learning and growth, it is critical to value not just your skill level but your willingness to try to expand your skills in new ways.

Cool tools I’m using:

  • Lunchclub/Yes Fam - “Great things come to those that put themselves out there.” These two tools will set you up to meet with random strangers over Zoom who you can become friends with. Lunchclub is more focused on professional networking, while Yes Fam is more focused on making friends. Either option provides a great opportunity to do something uncomfortable and meet new people.

Till next time…